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This wiki is dedicated to sharing information, documents and images about the ISIS Program.

  • ISIS is the "Institute for Science Instruction and Study" at Southern Connecticut State University.
  • ISIS is a post-Masters degree 6th year program for practicing science educators.
  • ISIS remains a highly successful and much celebrated program at SCSU - now in its 22nd year.
  • Seasonal ISIS experiences include visits with researchers in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York and DC.

Link to Southern Connecticut State University website - Graduate Programs and the ISIS Program Description.

What we do in ISIS.

The ISIS Program (Institute for Science Instruction & Study) is a post Masters Degree advanced certificate (6th year specialists). ISIS has been a highly successful and much celebrated program here at SCSU for 20 years.

Our purpose in ISIS is to bring the education community and the research community together, affording opportunities to exchange ideas, and reconnect science teachers with cutting-edge research as practiced by eminent scientists in the New England region. ISIS fellows have gained significant insights from experiences with senior researchers in Genetics, Geology, Oceanography, Neuroscience, Anthropology, Wildlife Management and Ecology, and many and other disciplines. Participants have met with Nobel Laureates, and other highly honored scientists, and had personal discussions with them on the nature of their inquiry, how they go about finding new avenues of study, and what makes them "tick" as scientists. Few other graduate programs in the nation offer a comparable set of direct, personal, and behind the scenes opportunities for teachers to meet with eminent scientists.

Throughout ISIS, we ask that our participants' employers recognize the extraordinary value of the ISIS experiences scheduled, and that release time be granted for these unique professional development opportunities. In general, ISIS requires 5 release days over the course of the two year program. The balance of our scheduled activities are regular after school teaching hours on Thursday or Friday evenings and/or Saturdays.

Each season the schedule varies slightly to accommodate our honored speakers busy calendars.