Below is a sample list of recent speakers, institutions and topics from the previous ISIS cohort experiences. A few of the listed speakers are regular ISIS participants, many more are new. Each ISIS experience is different, as we are continually tracking cutting-edge research and finding innovative researchers.

Current Science and Instructional Methods:

Felice Frankel - M.I.T. - "picturing to learn" drawing for learning
Dr. Einar Mencl - Yale: Haskins Labs - dyslexia and brain imaging
Dr. Daniel Ts'o - SUNY - vision and the brain
Tom Estill - NASA Goddard - NASA and education
Dr. Steven Novella - Yale neurolgy - science and pseudoscience
Dr. W. Petz - brain research and best practices

Dr. Michael Donohue - Yale - evolutionary biology
Dr. Robt. Blakesley - National Institute of Health - human genome project
Dr. Marc Zimmer - Yale - green flourescent protein
Armand Morgan - Yale Peabody museum - Museum Education and Preparations
Dr. Julie Huber - MBL - hydrothermal vent ecology
Dr. Shinya Inoue - MBL - cell division and microscopy
Ed Enos - MBL - marine biology
Dr. Leon Yacher - SCSU - biogeography
Dr. Kirby Stafford - CT Ag Experiment Station - entomology
Dr. Gale Ridge - CT Ag Experiment Station - entomology
Claire Rutledge - CT Ag Experiment Station - entomology
Sharon Douglas - CT Ag Experiment Station - plant pathology
Sandy Andeskevits - CT Ag Experiment Station - plant pathology
Doug Digman - CT Ag Experiment Station - insect disease
John Anderson - CT Biosafety Lab - insect disease
Dr. Jeff Ward - CT Ag Experiment Station - horticulture
Dr. Melody Keena - US Forest Service - invasive species
Dr. Michael Montgomery - US Forest Service - invasive species
Dr. Talbot Trotter - US Forest Service - invasive species
Dr. Nathan Havill - US Forest Service - invasive species
David Balloo - US Fish and Wildlife - marine invertebrates
Mark Dixon - US Fish and Wildlife - microalgae
Dr. Stiles-Jewell - US Fish and Wildlife - genetics of marine invert
Rich Cecarelli - CT Agricultural Station - CT agriculture
Abbey Maynard - CT Agricultural Station - composting
Mike Short - CT Agricultural Station - hydroponic gardening
Dr. Sadie Marjoni - UCONN - stem cell research
Dr. Vigue - SCSU - DNA and R. Franklin
Dr. Matthew Rodeheffer - Yale - adipose tissue and obesity
Greg McKee - Smithsonian - curator of ferns, mosses
Carol Kelloff - Smithsonian - biodiversity of Guyana Shield
George McMannis - UCONN - plankton diversity
Dr. Evan Ward - UCONN - physiological function of bivalve gills

Geology and Astronomy:
Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson - American Museum of Natural History - US education
Dr. James Garvin - NASA Goddard Chief Scientist - future of NASA
Dr. Arnold M. Heiser - Vanderbilt - history of the universe
Dr. Karl Turekian - Yale - geology and astronomy
Dr. George Woodwell - Woods Hole Research Center - climate change
Dr. Adrian Rocha - MBL - climate change
Dr. Scott Doney - MBL - oceanic chemistry and climate
Dr. Ralph Lewis - CT State Geologist - geology of CT
Christine Witkowski - Dinosaur State Park - dinosaurs in CT
Dr. Joel Block - Holy Cross - geology of CT
Dave Mason - U.S. Geological Survey - gas hydrates
Tom Estill - NASA Goddard - NASA and education
Dr. Richard Easther - Yale - dark matter and the universe
Dr. Maureen Long - Yale - earthquakes and the news
Jim Edson - UCONN - air-sea exchange processes
Craig Tobias - UCONN - nutrient cycling in estuaries

Aaron Bader - MIT Plasma Fusion Lab - plasma fusion
Dr. Kamazima Lwiza - SUNY - hyopoxia in Long Island Sound
Dr. Jack Harris - Yale - physics of light
Ed Hare - American Radio and Relay League - short wave radio
Dr. Johan Varekamp - Wesleyan - chemistry of Long Island Sound
Dr. Frank Bohlen - UCONN - marine physics, Project O
Penny Vlakos - UCONN - marine geochemistry
Michael Whitney - UCONN - mixing in estuaries esp. by wind
Dr. Jose Gascon - UCONN - atomic simulations of proteins
Dr. Challa Kumar - UCONN - nanomaterials
Dr. Ali Gokirmak - UCONN - nanomaterials lab
Dr. Robin Bogner - UCONN - drug development
Dr. Rajeswari Kasi - UCONN - synthetic molecules

Dr. Benoit Mandelbrot - Yale - fractal geometry

Noam Chomsky - MIT - linguistics and creativity
Dr. Nick Bellantoni - UCONN - archaeology in CT
Dr. Alexia Smith - UCONN - archeobotany
Dr. Michael Rogers - SCSU - stone tools and archaeology in Africa

Applied Science:
Tom Stone - Woods Hole Research Center - green architecture
Diane Reilinger - Marine Biological Lab - rare books librarian
Al Deuster - WHOI - use of deep sea submersibles
Ken Zercie - CT State Forensics Lab - forensic science
John Brunettie - CT Forensics Lab - forensic photography
Greg Kettering - CT Forensics Lab - document analysis
Dr. Michael Bourke - CT Forensics Lab - DNA evidence
Jason Herman - Honeybee robotics - robotic space exploration
Ray Delehant - CT Journal of Science Education - writing for publ.
Dr. Allison Rau - Law office - environmental law
Dr. Steven Novella - Yale neurolgy - science and pseudoscience
Arthur Ganson - M.I.T. Museum - science as Art
Nancy Pick - Harvard Museum of Natural History - rare collections
Constance Carter - Library of Congress - science division of library
Dr. Wayne Horn - Groton sub base - sub disaster escape/rescue
Lt. Matthew Keller - Groton sub base - circadian rhythms and the submariner